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Infinity Reflections is your local source for affordable, hand-crafted antique mirrors. We specialize in custom back-painted, etched and UV bonded glass products.


Antique Mirrors

Distressing mirrors is a process of accelerating the natural aging of the silver backing that makes the reflective surface that you see. We are able to customize the level of distressing to meet the artistic needs of our customers. Antiquing mirrors is the specialty of Infinity Reflections.

  1. Custom levels of distressing
  2. Many choices of colors and styles
  3. Stock sizes available

Painted Glass

Back-painted glass adds a contemporary look to any home or office. From kitchen backsplashes, to bars and dance floors, painted glass will add a touch of sophistication that will leave you breathless.

  1. Kitchen backsplashes
  2. Bar and cafe backdrops
  3. Dance floors
  4. Office partitions

Etched / Sandblasted Glass

Glass-etching is used for logos, decorations or to provide privacy. We have on-site capabilities which prevent customers from hauling fragile glass to a workshop. Sandblasting glass can provide permanent solutions for decorative and practical needs.

  1. Office and home labeling
  2. On-site logo etching
  3. Satin shower glass decoration
  4. Bath and office partitions

UV Glass Bonding

UV Glass Bonding is the permanent bonding of glass to glass, metal to glass, and plastic to glass applications. We have a state of the art glass bonding system that allows us to be creative and artistic, while safely preserving the fragile nature of glass.

  1. Glass conference tables
  2. Shower door accessories
  3. Floating glass shelves

Latest Updates

  • July 4th, 2011
    Official release of Infinity Reflections Web!

    We are pleased to officially open our web space to our customers. We will continue to post any updates to this site in an effort to keep customers informed.

  • Feb 18, 2011
    Back-painted glass almost perfected!

    Our recent test have confirmed the durability of our painted glass. On-going projects continue and the beautiful back-painted glass will soon be perfected.

  • OCT 14, 2010
    We are new, and out of the box!

    We look to our customers to keep their feedback coming so we can work to improve our services. Our excitement is overwhelming as we look to grow this company to epic proportions!

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